OneTap Japan



Regarding the user information handled in our smartphone application and website, we will establish a privacy policy as follows.

Access to Storage

  • Access storage or SD card to save images created by app
  • Access storage or SD card to import photos into the app

Access to the Network

  • Access the network to display ads
  • Access the network when purchasing paid Add-on
  • Access the network when sending images created by the app to external services such as SNS
  • Access the network when sending images created with the app by E-mail

User Information to Send

OneTap app shares the user information with "Google" and displays the customized advertisement (Google AdMob) based on the acquired information. For details, please read "Google Policy and Terms".


If you do not wish to send user information to advertisers and third party distributors, you can limit them by the following method.


Settings > Privacy > Advertising > Turn on "Limit Tracking Ads"


Settings > Google > Ads > Turn on "Opt out of Ads Personalization"

E-Mail Address

To send questions, opinions and requests to us, it is necessary to enter the E-Mail address in "CONTACT US". The e-mail address you enter is used only for replying to E-Mails, not for other purposes.